Metropolitan JOSEPH visits St. Nicholas Cathedral for the first time since Election - 07/27/14

On Sunday, July 27th, His Eminence, Metropolitan JOSEPH visited St. Nicholas Cathedral of Brooklyn for the first time since his election. St. Nicholas is the Mother Cathedral of the Archdiocese and the seat of the new Metropolitan. Although many of the Cathedral faithful were out of town for summer vacations and overseas travel to family overseas, a large crowd nevertheless came to greet their new Metropolitan. During his sermon, Sayidna JOSEPH told the congregation that while this was his first visit to this historic Cathedral, it would not by any means be his last. At the end of the liturgy, Cathedral Dean and Vicar-General, Archpriest Thomas Zain and Vice-Chairman of the Cathedral Council, Mr. Samir Khoury, presented His Eminence with an engolpion of the Theotokos from the Cathedral clergy and faithful. Many years to our new Metropolitan!