Holy Week and Pascha Photos from 2020 - 04/19/20

Here are some photos from last night and the previous week for those who are not on Facebook. A couple of explanations, the "fence" was a virtual fence posted by Jiries (Jerry) Khoury for the usual Palm Sunday family photos that were missed this year. Me lighting the purple candles was one of the times I was lighting candles and saying prayers for those who offered candles online. Fadi and George have taken a Pascha photo every year together for several years. This year they put a tape measure between them to make sure they were six feet apart as a remembrance of this year. Enjoy! If any of you have other photos to add, please send them along!!!

Fr. Thomas in action
Lighting Candles for the faithful
Lighting candles for those who made online offerings
Virtual Church Fence for Palm Sunday family pictures
Praying from home
All ready for Pascha
Six feet apart for annual Pascha photo
Come take light from the light . . .
Ready for the Feast
Annual family photo by the bier
Pascha 2020